Pastel Artists of Nelson - New Zealand

Hi, my name is Anny de Groot

I was born in the Netherlands and enjoyed drawing and painting from a young age. At 17, I followed a 2 year correspondence art course from the "Famous Artists School" in America. I started painting in oils and have since used most mediums, joined art clubs and attended various workshops. I joined the PANZ group some years ago  and fell in love with pastels. My work is always colourful and I enjoy painting people from different ethnic backgrounds. Lately I have been experimenting with mixed media and am finding it very rewarding. I can be contacted by the following.

postal: RD 2 Upper Moutere 7175             phone:  +64 3 543 2577              email:



What a Beauty

Where is This?


City Life

A Nice Valley                    Sold

Who Lives Here

Not So Happy

Down South           Sold

Geisha 2

Autumn Colours

Geisha Gift


Desert Man

Milford Sounds 2                                                                                   Milford Sounds

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