Pastel Artists of Nelson - New Zealand

Hi, my name is Glen Davenport

I have been enjoying painting with pastels now for sometime. I live in the lovely little town of Riwaka, once a busy fishing village. This area - and indeed the whole of our beautiful Country - provides amazing landscape compositions for both painting and photography, and challenges are constantly there to display ones feelings and visual delight onto the blank canvas. 

I benefit a great deal from the friendship, learning and encouragement within the Nelson PANZ group to which I belong. 

postal: 28 Wharf Road, Riwaka, RD3  Motueka 7198            phone: +64 3 528 0388               email: 

Valley Sunrise

Road to Glenorchy



                                 Singapore Orchid                      Sold



Autumn in the Valley

                                   Mapua Sunrise                           sold

Careful Driving Out This Morning

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