Pastel Artists of Nelson - New Zealand

Hi, my name is Glen Davenport

I live in the beautiful Motueka Valley. Three years ago, a very good friend sat me in front of a piece if canson paper with a few basic pastels and said "go on Glen - see what you can do". In all my life I had never drawn anything - I took up weaving 30 years ago and that was my passion (as well as bringing up 3 children) and a supplement to our income. Now, after the loss of my husband I obviously needed something very different to focus on.

My joining the local PANZ group not only provided me with new found friends, but their help and encouragement most certainly has helped me achieve greater things. I experienced great excitement and elation when one of my pastels was accepted for the 2012 National "Purely Pastel" Art Awards. I have also attended a weeks painting school at a farmhouse in the Lot Region of South West France.  .........onwards and upwards......  I can be contacted via the following:

postal: Doone Cottage, RD1  Motueka 7196                    phone: +64 3 526 8740                 email: 

                                 Singapore Orchid                      Sold


            A Te Anau Afternoon                             sold

                                    Fyfeshire Rock                     sold

                                           Time Out           sold

                             Motueka River Valley                        sold



                      Autumn in the Valley                 

Careful Driving Out this Morning

Autumn Bougainvillea


Sunrise Over d'Urville


Wild Tulips

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