Pastel Artists of Nelson - New Zealand

Hi, my name is Judith March (Judy)

I was born and brought up in England, moving to New Zealand 13 yrs ago. I have been painting with pastel for the past 30yrs having previously used oils. Animal portraiture is my forte, having lived in Sth Africa for 10yrs and my portraits are in private collections around the world. I also enjoy painting scenery, ethnic studies and still life. I have gained awards of merit for wild life portraits in the UK.

I have been a member of PANZ for 10 years and was fortunate to be awarded the status of Art Member. PANZ is a great organization to belong to, bringing comraderie, opportunities and competition to us all. Our Tuesday morning group is stimulating, fun and a great way to learn and help each other. If you are interested in commissions or other work, contact me

postal:  101 Aranui Road, Mapua 7005                  phone:  +64 3 540 3392                    email:

7am West Coast                  sold         

Dunstanburgh Castle                   sold    

Welcome Home                          sold

                                 Clivia                          sold


                                  Shadow                         sold

                                      Ali                              sold

                                     Baily                            sold

                                   Oscar ll                                 sold

                            Meg Maddock                               sold

                                   The Artist                             NFS

                                          The Girls                  sold

Tess and Kim                     sold

                                         Catnap                        sold       


                         Who's There? 

                          Onions                  sold


                                              The Peeper                           NFS

                          Barry                  Sold

                  Storm Clouds Over Golden Bay                  NFS

                                        Summer Fruit                 sold



Mooring ll

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