Pastel Artists of Nelson

Hi. My name is Ron Oliver

Born in Britain soon after the end of the Second World War, Ron and his wife Fiona emigrated to New Zealand about 17 years ago. Ron had dabbled in watercolour painting for a number of years during a busy career and full family life. However, a short time before he emigrated his passion for pastel painting was ignited by a one-day workshop run by a well known British pastel artist. Ongoing work pressures meant that pastel painting was limited to holidays, but this all changed in 2006 when Ron joined the Nelson Area of PANZ. This and a change of career direction provided the stimulus, support, learning experiences and time needed to take his passion for pastel painting to a higher level.

Ron has found pastel painting a wonderful opportunity to break away from more structured thought processes and rigid drawing techniques he was formally trained in as a professional engineer. Pastel painting has provided him with a flexible and adaptive medium that has permitted him to express his creative instincts in a very satisfying and relaxing pastime. His subjects are very varied, ranging from portraits to landscapes, although it is surprising how frequently boats feature somewhere in his paintings.

Ron can be contacted at the following options:

postal: 193 Kina Peninsular Road, RD 1, Upper Moutere 7173        phone:  +64 3 526 6840       email:

                                               Tiger Tiger                                                                                    Clivia





                                  Sole Survivor                                 sold
                         Township Living - South Africa                                                        South Pacific Splash of Colour
                                 Venetian Reflections                Sold                                                      Italian Bronze

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