Pastel Artists of Nelson

                                                     Hi my name is Sharon Platt.

                                                     My husband and I returned in 2006 after nearly 30 years in Australia  We now live in the                                                                Motueka Valley where we grow Blueberries, Hazelnuts and Limes. I have always loved art and                                                      when I saw that the local Pastel group were holding their annual art show in the Mapua Hall, I                                                        thought I should go and find out what it was all about.  I think at that moment I fell in love with                                                        the Pastel medium. A couple of weeks later I went to my first session with the Nelson                                                                    Pastel group and the rest, as they say, is history.  If you like my work and wish to contact me                                                          these are my details.

Postal - 1865 Motueka River West Bank Rd,RD1,Motueka    Mobile - 0276677289    Home - 03 5268766

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